Flickr on Xbox 360 or PS3?

I love to share photos online with my parents in India. This is not a big problem. My Dad has high speed internet and is very computer savvy. But my Mom is not into computers but likes her Nintendo DS though. So every time I share some photos my Dad has to show those to her.

There has to be a simpler way to share photos!

My parents have a LCD 1080p HDTV hooked up with a PS3 and a Xbox 360. My Dad loves gadgets too. :-) Both the consoles are connected to the internet. Now these are two prowerful systems that are net connected, they should be able to perfom the simple task of displaying the photos I share. But No! They can not! Hope this changes.

The solution has to be simple with no computer or any other gadget involved. I know that Apple TV can show Flickr photos. So it should not be that tough to do. I dont mind even if Micorsoft ties it up with their own online photo site, what ever they call it now…

The Elite 360 Club

I got an Xbox 360 Elite. I had left my Xbox 360 in India at my parents house as it was the only HD source for the HDTV. Here my friend Rajesh was kind enough to let me use his 360. :-) It has been a year… So I thought I should let him have it now.

Anyway I got the Elite bundled with two games Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. I also got Call of duty 4. Now I have to start playing these games… :-) The console looks better than the white one. It has got a 120GB HDD and supports HDMI.

Watching Video Blogs on TV using Xbox 360

I watch a few Video Blogs or vlogs on and off. The GottaBeMobile‘s InkShow is one of my favorite. I usually download these and watch it on my Tablet PC.

With the latest fall update of Xbox 360 and the new Windows Media Player 11 now it is possible to stream video in wmv format from the PC to the 360. So I thought why not watch these shows on my big screen HDTV.

Well with the InkShow it was no problem as the show is in wmv format. The show looked OK on the TV but it would be better if the show was in HD. Hmm… Anyway check out this blog post for step by step instructions on how to stream videos to 360 using WMP 11.

But with some other show which are in different formats like mov it takes a bit more work. Check out this article on Joystiq on how to transcode these to wmv. I tried this for an mov file but somehow the audio was not there in the resulting wmv. Have to look in to it. But looks doable.

Anyway I think I should look out for some HD video blogs. Should be fun to watch those on the TV.

With WMP 11 it is also possible to view photos on my HDTV. This is really cool. The photos look great in HD. Plus streaming music is cool too. I could not do it previously as Windows Media Connect never worked on my Tablet PC for some reason.

Xbox 360 demo units spotted in India

I was at The Forum mall (Bangalore, of course) today. I entered the Adidas showroom, I found everything too damn costly. The T Shirt I got six months ago is twice the cost now! Well the rising costs is another blog post.

As I was leaving the shop I noticed the Xbox 360 demo unit by the entrance. Well it was not plugged in yet. I guess Microsoft is partnering with Adidas for the 23rd September launch. Good.

WMP 11 streaming music to Xbox 360

Just after getting my 360 I blogged about not being able to use Windows Media Connect to stream music and photos to the console from my primary PC, my tablet. Well I tried WMC a few times afterwards with no luck. Strangely this worked with my second PC.

Anyway Windows Media Player 11 beta 2 was released a few days ago. One of the features that caught my attention was the new media sharing feature.

The new Media Sharing feature of Windows Media Player 11 lets you enjoy the contents of your Windows Media Player library from anywhere in your home. If you have a home network (wired or wireless), you can use Windows Media Player 11 to stream the contents of your library to networked devices. For example, if you have an Xbox 360 or other digital media receiver (DMR), you can use Windows Media Player to stream music and pictures from your computer to that device. This even works with music that you’ve downloaded from PlaysForSure music stores and services.

I downloaded the beta and checked this feature out. Wow it finally works! But still there is no way of streaming video to the 360. I think this sucks. Well I am not the only one to think so. Even people inside the Xbox 360 team think so. Read the last suggestion. I hope they fix this soon.

Cloning Clyde

One of the cool features of The Xbox 360 is the Live Arcade games. These are smallish games you can download to the console directly of the Internet. All the arcade games have a free trial version. It is less than 50MB in size. Some of the games are classic arcade games ported to the 360. These are really fun. There are also brand new games developed specifically for this.

I have tried a few of these games. I really likes the Bankshot Billiards and Marble Blast Ultra. Marble Blast Ultra is a fun and exciting game. I have never played this kind of game before. But recently there has been a slow down in the number of games appearing in Xbox Live Arcade. But recently Microsoft announced the Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday, they plan to release one new arcade game every Wednesday. Pretty cool. The first game they released was the classic Frogger. I have played the original Frogger but this game was a little disappointing, mainly because the classic arcade game is to tall for the TV. Its got wide blank bars on the side. :-(

Anyway yesterday the second game in the series was launched. It is called Cloning Clyde. It is a brand new game designed for Xbox Live Arcade. It is a…

Have you ever been cloned? Ever wonder
what it would be like to be a chicken? A monkey? A frog? Well, wonder
no more when you play Cloning Clyde, the zany side-scrolling platformer game on Xbox Live Arcade, new from NinjaBee.

Cloning Clyde
is a 3-D side-scrolling adventure, featuring (of course!) multiplayer
gameplay. Play split screen on a single console, or mutate online with
your friends across the world via Xbox LiveĀ® Arcade.

Can you free yourselves from the myriad sinister traps and mutations that await you? Get Cloning today and find out!

I downloaded and played. It is such a fun game. I got to say it is a brilliant use of cloning in the game. I bought the game within less than five minutes of playing the demo!! (Online purchase of games in Xbox 360 is too simple and easy. I got to watch my spending. ;-) ) My friend also liked it very much. The split screen co-op game is also fun. I tried the online multi player game but found no games. :-( I will give it a day for others to get the game. :-)

If you own a 360, I strongly recommend that you download this game and give it a try.