Eclipse vs Netbeans: Mark Occurrences

Eclipse vs Netbeans Mark Occurrences


Regular readers to this blog would know that I am a fan of Eclipse. I post a few tips about Eclipse, I have developed a couple of Eclipse plugins and I am an Eclipse user since 2002. 

With that out the way there is a lot of hype about Netbeans these days as the 6.0 release is coming up. I have been checking it out from time to time. But downloading the IDE and trying out a few simple programs does not do any justice to evaluating it. So when I was asked to do a few internal tools and proof of concepts at work I decided to use Netbeans for it. It is tough, not because Netbeans is bad but because I have been using Eclipse of so long that using it as almost second nature to me. To work with Netbeans I have to learn using it and unlearn using Eclipse.

So instead of giving my Eclipse biased opinion of Netbeans I thought pick up a few tips I have posted about Eclipse and post how the same tip or feature works in Netbeans. I am hoping that by doing this I will learn more about Netbeans.

One of the features I use the most in Eclipse is ‘Mark Occurrences‘. I was happy to see this feature in Netbeans Editor. Just place the edit cursor over the method or variable and Netbeans will highlight all the occurrences or references of this. The above screenshot shows how this feature looks in both Eclipse (top) and Netbeans editors. Very similar. Well that was an easy one…