Nokia E71 Firmware Update

Nokia has released a firmware update for Nokia E71. The new version is 300.21.012 and is available for Nokia E71-2 NAM Edition. Get it here. Here is the change log:

  • Mail Improved Mail For Exchange
  • Music Internet Radio added
  • Other improvements My Nokia Application and easy-dialing added, improved USB flashing and enhanced usability

Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0: The one and only Nokia desktop application

Nokia Ovi Suite

Nokia has had many desktop applications: Nokia PC Suite, Nokia Nseries PC Suite, Nokia Ovi Suite, Nokia Software Updater, Nokia Map Loader, Nokia Music, Nokia Lifeblog, Nokia Photos, Nokia Device Status, and Nokia PC Suite Enterprise Edition. Now they are finally consolidating all of these in to one application, Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0.

Just installed it looks great. Check it out.

Here are some key features:

  • Connect your device to your desktop with a USB cable or Bluetooth
  • Sign in to your Nokia Account to use Ovi services. Or create a new Nokia Account; if you don’t have it yet, now it’s the time to create one.
  • Home view in Nokia Ovi Suite – a quick summary of the new stuff you have in Nokia Ovi Suite or in your device.
  • See your messages in a conversational view and keep them safely stored in your desktop
  • View and edit your contacts, add contact photos, sync your contacts with Microsoft Outlook, and keep them safely stored.
  • Make backups of your device, and update your device’s software (yes, we integrated Nokia Software Updater features into Nokia Ovi Suite!).
  • Get photos from your device to your desktop and share the important ones in Ovi.
  • Download free maps before travelling and transfer them to your device.
  • Transfer music to your device.
  • Using your device as a modem, connect your desktop to the internet with just one click.

Free QuickOffice update for E71

Quickoffice »

Quickoffice® Offers Free Updates for Select Nokia® Eseries Devices

Latest version of Quickoffice, office viewing and editing software suite, now available for download via on-device, e-commerce portal Quickmanager™

Dallas, TX – June 15, 2009 – Quickoffice, Inc., the leading global provider of mobile office productivity software, today announced it will be offering free upgrades to the latest version of Quickoffice for users on certain Nokia Eseries phones. Currently this program includes the Nokia E51, E52, E55, E63, E71, E72, E75 and E90 devices.

Starting today, users of the above devices can download Quickoffice 6 as a free upgrade via Quickmanager®, Quickoffice’s secure on-device, e-commerce portal. Quickoffice 6 includes more advanced document viewing and editing functionality of Microsoft Office 2007 documents, ZIP file support, password-protected file handling, Excel 2007 chart viewing and multiple usability enhancements. Subsequent software updates released by Quickoffice for these select devices will also be available on a continual basis, including PowerPoint 2007 format support. Quickoffice 6 will initially only be available in English and a fully localized update will follow in the near future.

Nice! Office 2007 Support… Though I have never used QuickOffice. Should try it out.

New Youtube App for Nokia E71

Youtube App Main Screen.jpg

Youtube App Search Results.jpg

Youtube App Video.jpg

Google has released a new YouTube application for Symbian S60 devices like the Nokia E71. Go to in the default browser in your phone to get the new app.

The application is snappy. Lets you search for videos, view the top rated, most viewed and most resent videos. The search results page has most information you need and has nice animation from moving from video to video.

When you select a video it zooms to full screen to play it. The video play back screen has controls for fast forward, rewind, pause and volume. It also shows the progress bar. Over all the experience is very good. Have fun…

Kindle, Whispersync and why such techonology should be extended to everything!

iPhone Kindle Whispersync.png

Amazon released the Kindle 2 and the Kindle for iPhone. The most interesting aspect of these releases is the Whispersync technology. Here is an interesting scenario. You are reading a book in your Kindle. A little later you go out to get some grocery and are waiting in line at the checkout counter. Instead of getting bored waiting, you take your iPhone out and continue reading a few pages of the book. Now when you reach home you can pick up the Kindle and continue reading.

This is cool. But I don’t have a Kindle and I do not read books. :-( I can do the same thing with Google Reader and RSS feeds. But I want to do the same to podcasts, browsing, reading PDFs or word documents…

Lets say I am stuck in some line waiting. I get my E71 out and open Google Reader. I read an article, follow a link and am reading some web page. Not when I come back home and open Firefox I want the same page to be automatically opened and I can continue reading.

Another scenario is that I am listening to a podcast in my car. When I reach home I want to start listening where I left off in my home PC… Is that too much to ask?